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What Is a Printer/Cartridge Chip?

What Is a Printer/Cartridge Chip? The more you use your printer, the faster it runs out of toner. Once your device drops down to a critical level, your computer normally sends a warning. However, you only get this warning after the PC receives a signal from the cartridge chip. What Is [...]

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Types of Printer Paper

Types of Printer Paper Printer paper is an often overlooked yet all-important part of your business. As this Harvard Business Review post says, high-quality printing can sway consumers’ decision to work with one company rather than another. That’s why you’ll need to consider the type of paper you use in your [...]

2023-03-10T14:10:53+00:00May 21st, 2023|Maintenance, Printers, Toner|

Is It Bad to Leave the Copier Lid Up?

Is It Bad to Leave the Copier Lid Up? Even though scanning is a straightforward task, some mistakes can diminish the quality of your documents. Leaving the copier lid up could be one of these mistakes. However, is it just a myth or does it really compromise your scans? This article [...]

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How Much Paper Is Used in One Day?

How Much Paper Is Used in One Day? Paper production is one of the largest industries in the world, with more than 300 million tons of paper produced every year. The companies from this sector steadily provide your business with paper, allowing you to print, take notes, and copy your documents. [...]

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Does Laser Printer Toner Expire?

Does Laser Printer Toner Expire? When purchasing toner for your laser printer, you rarely buy an amount that’ll only serve you for a few days. Instead, you usually get years’ worth of toner in one go. While this eliminates the need for additional trips to the store, it raises a crucial [...]

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