Since 1972, Copylite Brand has lead the market as the original alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, providing high-quality, affordable supplies to office equipment dealers. Sometimes referred to as “aftermarket” or “compatible”, Copylite Brand supplies complete a rigorous manufacturing process to maintain meticulous standards that go beyond even factory specifications to offer the best products on the market.

Here’s what sets Copylite Brand products apart from our competitors:

  • We are the “Original Alternative” – the first in the industry to offer OEM alternative supplies
  • Our R&D department right here in the United States allows our products to be tested in different environments, ensuring the highest-quality final product.
  • On-site visits to ensure highest product quality
  • An industry-best, 1-year limited warranty
  • With 2-day delivery to most of the country, you will receive the items you order when you need them

See for yourself why Copylite Brand products have
stood the test of time for over 50 years.

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Copylite Brand Products Warranty
The best in the industry!

All Copylite Brand products are guaranteed free from a manufacturing defect for
1 year from original date of purchase.

Check out our warranty page for more details.