Copylite was incorporated in 1972 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. What started as one man’s vision to offer an alternative in a rapidly developing industry has evolved into a dynamic company with the unified goal of providing our customers with quality products and excellent service.

Copylite will continue to be “The Original Alternative”

We aren’t just an emergency pick of parts and machines from place to place and never will be. Please see our timeline below for Copylite’s complete history. As we continue to evolve, we are proud to be your source of the best remanufactured parts and supplies for today’s document imaging devices, printers, and copy machines.

Copylite's Timeline

  • 1972: Copylite was the first in the world to offer compatible copier lamps.
  • 1977: Copylite opened its first Florida office.
  • 1993: Copylite moved into a new building to expand our warehouse and to increase our product offerings.
  • 2002: Copylite began offering its clients compatible reset chips for use in copiers.
  • 2002: Copylite was the first to offer compatible fuser fixing films and fuser belts for use in copiers.
  • 2003: Copylite started marketing compatible developer for copiers.
  • 2004: Copylite developed and marketed remanufactured fusing assemblies for use in copiers.
  • 2004: Copylite started marketing compatible color toner for copiers.
  • 2005: Copylite was the first to market compatible metal fuser film for use in printer fuser assemblies.
  • 2006: Copylite started distributing compatible copier staples.
  • 2008: Copylite began distributing compatible touch panels for copiers.
  • 2009: Copylite expanded compatible developer line to color copiers.
  • 2009: Copylite opened our Reno/Sparks warehouse and sales office.
  • 2010: Copylite developed and started selling compatible drum units for color copiers.
  • 2010: Copylite became a distributor of Swingline brand compatible staples.
  • 2012: Copylite began distributing compatible developer for use in monochrome copiers.
  • 2012: Copylite opened our Pennsylvania warehouse.
  • 2015: Copylite expanded distribution of copier waste containers.
  • 2015: Copylite purchased DND Laser in Texas, a company that specialized in quality fusers and refurbished printers.
  • 2016: Copylite’s Texas production center was born.
  • 2016: Copylite’s Pennsylvania warehouse moved to a larger facility.
  • 2017: Copylite began distributing compatible copier transfer belts.