Remanufacturing consists of reprocessing parts that have ended their useful life in order to restore their functionality and commercial value to ultimately be sold as it is a remanufactured product. Therefore, remanufacturing can be considered as a manufacturing system that uses elements that otherwise would be considered waste, which are restored and enter them into a second productive cycle, retaining their original geometry with subsequent energy savings.

A remanufactured item is an old or used piece of equipment that has been repaired or has been made to be seen as fresh and functional. There is the possibility that the item had a failure or defect when it left the warehouse as a new item and was returned to the factory for repair. Another possibility is that the item was updated with new components and calibrated without going through rigorous cleaning and testing. Whatever the reason, all of Copylite’s remanufactured items are checked and internal defects are found and repaired. This now new and repaired item will be labeled as remanufactured.

A product that is placed on the market with a remanufactured label may be an item that has been on display in a store. The factory will order its return, and it will be cleaned and inspected. The technicians then will make the repairs that are required.

Electronic items are products that are placed on the market with remanufacturing labels. These labels indicate that the item has been refurbished, remanufactured, or has been serviced. The new trend in advertising is to label previously used products. Such items can be described as "green" because when reused they prevent them from going to landfills. Consumers can find document imaging devices, printers, copy machines, and more that are remanufactured and available for purchasing.