The Research and Development team at Copylite analyzes market trends to forecast client needs. Copylite maintains close relationships with foreign and domestic vendors allowing us to influence the production process. These relationships also warrant us the capability to facilitate a balance between the need for short development cycles and the demand for affordable, high-quality products.

To predict the needs of connected office customers, Copylite's R&D specialists have focused on the evolving capabilities of modern business equipment. It is our understanding of today's digital environment that enables us to remain the premier source for quality Compatible (aftermarket) supplies, document image devices, Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and supplies, and parts for copy machines and printers in the future.

Quality Assurance Inspections

  • Achievement of the full satisfaction of the client's needs and expectations (internal and external)
  • Development of a process of continuous improvement in all activities and processes carried out at Copylite. (Implementing continuous improvement has a beginning, but not an end.)
  • Total commitment of the management and active leadership of the entire management team
  • Participation of all members of Copylite and promotion of teamwork towards Total Quality Management
  • Involvement of the supplier in the Total Quality system of Copylite, given the fundamental role they take in the achievement of quality products
  • Identification and management of the key processes of the organization, overcoming the departmental and structural barriers that hide those processes
  • Data-driven management decisions and objective facts about management based on intuition

The Quality Assurance team at Copylite works closely with the Research & Development team to certify Copylite's after-market products. Together, both departments ensure that after-market—a.k.a. compatible, generic, and/or alternative—products meet or exceed high-quality standards set by the industry.

The Quality Assurance team develops quality control and product testing procedures to ensure that products are compliant with OEM specifications and to govern the positive disposal of non-conforming items. New products are closely inspected and tested in real-world scenarios, allowing the Quality Assurance staff to make recommendations for product revisions, thereby optimizing product design. Periodic inspection of existing products allows the Quality Assurance team to verify adherence to the latest design revisions and to achieve their goal of providing the highest quality after-market products.